Welcome to Action Alberta

Welcome to Action Alberta

Welcome to Action AlbertaWelcome to Action Alberta

This cartoon is over 50 years old.  It is as true today as it was in 1968!


As Albertans, we say: "Enough is Enough".  That's why we've launched this website "www.actionalberta.ca" and a newsletter to inform, educate, and motivate Canadians to stand up, speak out and take action to address the inequality and substandard treatment of Alberta and its citizens by our Federal Government.  Our goal is to change how we are treated by our Federal Government. 

We will be generating regular newsletters informing you of:

- the ineffective lip-service of both our Provincial and Federal politicians and their bureaucrats, regarding our Canadian energy crisis.

- the grossly unfair equalization system which greatly benefits mainly Quebec at the expense of Alberta and Albertans and what we can do about it.

- special activities, such as demonstrations, rallies and speaker events that might interest you.

- the discussion around Alberta’s "independence" movement.

Why are we doing this?  As a group of unpaid, deeply concerned, everyday Albertans, we believe it is time to candidly discuss and expose the inequalities and shortcomings in Alberta’s relationship with the Federal Government and the other provinces - situations that cost Canadians their jobs, quality of life and serious money every day.

Danielle Smith, 770 CHQR radio talk show host, very eloquently captured many of our sentiments in her article “Hey Canada, Albertans have had quite enough” published on December 14, 2018. Here’s the link: https://edmontonjournal.com/opinion/columnists/danielle-smith-canadas-on-notice-albertans-have-had-enough

The time for Alberta being side-lined, excluded, mistreated and betrayed by our Federal Governments is over.  By banding together, we can be heard in Ottawa.  By changing the Federal Government/Alberta dynamic, all Canadians will benefit.

You can help us be heard. Here’s our call to ACTION:

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5. Check out recent articles by a wide range of informed individuals, presented below, on the serious state of our nation.

6. If you have questions or comments, please send them to info@actionalberta.com 

7.  When we organize, or participate in a rally or demonstration, be visible and vocal with us.  If you can't attend, document your concerns to PM Justin Trudeau, your MLA, and your MP!

Thank you for your support and for fighting for Alberta. Enough is enough!

The disclaimer outlined below applies to all Action Alberta initiatives


Each day, Canada loses between $80 and $100 MILLION dollars because of the failure of our Federal Government to allow pipelines to be built. (Yes, you read that right!) 

At this rate, over the next 12 months that amount could balloon to as much as $36.5 BILLION lost to the Canadian economy!!!  As this money is lost, our Federal debt continues to increase.  However, this appears NOT TO BE a critical issue to our Federal Government.

While this astounding financial loss takes place each day, the Federal Government endorses a dated, unfair, prejudiced, equalization payment system.  Just recently, they quietly and quickly renewed this system for another 5 years and did so with NO CONSULTATION with the Provinces.  

Read on to see how unjust their system is to many Provinces and how they look after their vote rich Provinces.


To add insult to injury, Canada's equalization system is heavily tilted towards Quebec (as the 1968 cartoon above so aptly illustrates). In 2018-19, Quebec will receive $11.7 BILLION while Alberta will receive $ZERO. (That is not a typing error!) 

Recently, the Federal Government announced that for the 2019-20 fiscal year, Quebec will receive an additional $1.4 BILLION, taking its share to $13.1 BILLION. You read that right - $13.1 BILLION. That is a whopping 66% of the total all federal equalization payments!

To date, Quebec has received $221 BILLION in equalization payments while Alberta has received just $92 MILLION! That’s right, Quebec is the preferred, protected, perpetual “have-not” province, which will have a surplus budget this year of $3.1 BILLION

Currently, Quebec has received about 2,255 TIMES the amount that Alberta has received!! HOW CAN THAT BE FAIR?

The net amount contributed by Alberta over the last ten years now totals $240 BILLION. The blue map chart above sums up the sickening display of the equalization payment inequity to date.

Here's some background: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-quebec-to-receive-14-billion-equalization-boost-while-oil-producing/


At the recent Ottawa First Ministers’ Conference, Quebec Premier Francois Legault really lit a fire when he clearly stated there was no hope for revisiting Energy East OR any other pipeline going through Quebec.

His boldly stated: “There’s no social acceptability for oil in Quebec”, this at a time when Quebec imports 350,000 barrels of foreign oil up the Saint Lawrence Seaway every day. 

Meanwhile, PM Justin Trudeau quietly stands by and lets that happen, despite the BILLIONS of equalization dollars flowing into Quebec each year, much of it generated on the backs of Alberta businesses, our energy industry and Alberta taxpayers. 

Here is an article on this very issue: 



The bottom line is that today, Canada is not only broken, but totally broken!!

The Canada - Alberta situation is akin to an abusive marriage where the imbalance of power and related abuse can, and will, no longer be tolerated.

After years of Alberta being marginalized, discounted, dismissed and betrayed, there is no longer any trust between Albertans and the Federal Government. 


It is time for Albertans to tell it like it is, plan for our Independence if the situation cannot be improved and move on. That is why we believe that Alberta MUST put a separation referendum on the table.

We request your active support in moving this agenda forward. Please spread the word of our work, join our network, contact your MP and MLA with your views and stay tuned!l



The information provided in all Action Alberta work is based on the personal opinions, experiences, observations, and current knowledge of the energy industry and responsible fiscal management by a number of deeply concerned Alberta Canadians. Our information is not to be considered as advice of any kind as it is "For Information Purposes Only". We are self-appointed, unpaid, volunteer, Alberta advocates who have decades of senior level, hands-on, business, legal, and economic experience. We do not claim to address each and every energy or financial issues that affects Albertans or all Canadians. We are not responsible for how our views or comments are interpreted, or acted upon, by others. We bear no responsibility or liability for results that come from how others interpret or act on our comments, opinions, observations, or ideas for improvements or remedy of the existing Alberta and Canadian energy and equalization/transfer payment crisis. Disparaging, offensive, insulting, rude or threatening comments will be ignored, reported, and/or made public.


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